YA DA Film is in the business for more than a decade and deal all the business aspects of the production. Our line production services play a key role in the production process. We manage day to day physical aspects of the film production and focus only one project at a time when it comes to line production services, to concentrate and produce a quality work for the producers.

What We Do?

We take line production as an essential managerial role and take all the responsibility for the financial aspects. We hire key members of the crew and also negotiate deals with related vendors in a quality over quantity basis. We oversee all of the operations and logistics. We will define the roles depending on the budget and the format.

As an experienced company in the industry, we manage budgeting, recruiting both crew and services, schedule shooting dates and locations, keep close communications with unit production, provide equipment when necessary and act as a liaison between the crew and the producer. Addition to all of those duties; One of the key role of our line production services is tracking the deadlines, with us you are in the safe zone deadline-wise. On the post-production phase, we work closely with the director, production manager and the staff to prepare the schedule and the budget and set the shoot date. We detailly communicate with post-production staff and supervisor, manage all the salary related subjects with composers, editors, sound designers and the VFX. On the delivery phase, we create the schedule and meet all the distribution needs you need.

Why Us?

When it comes to line production; you have to work with a company which has a considerable experience in the industry. We have been in the business for more than a decade and will answer all your needs in the pre-production, production, post-production and the delivery phases and we do that in a very professional way.